When is Scanlaw launching?

Early 2018. 

Why was Scanlaw created?

As technology evolves, so does the way we do business. We’ve created unique software to help improve the process for seeking advice as well as the way lawyers provide advice and run their business.

Who created Scanlaw?

Our Founding Director. Following extensive experience in various legal environments, including private practice and in-house, it was clear that there were inefficiencies across the board. Scanlaw helps to break down those inefficiencies. 

How does Scanlaw automatically review documents?

Our unique software uses modern technology to scan your documents and input automated advice. Depending on your subscription you can also get automated amendments which you can choose to accept or reject.

Do I have to upload a specific format of document?

Yes, your document must be in word format. We have chosen this format as it is one of the most common formats used in negotiations and legal settings. The user-friendly word format allows easy navigation, amendments and input of your questions which can be allocated to legal professionals for legal advice. If you upload another format such as pdf. we will try to convert this into word but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the conversion.

Does Scanlaw provide legal advice?

No, Scanlaw is not a law firm. Scanlaw uses technology to provide advice in the form of general advice. As we do not know your personal circumstances we cannot give you legal advice. We can, however, connect you instantly with our Scanlaw-vip legal professionals to provide you with legal advice at reduced costs.

Where does Scanlaw provide its services?

We only provide services in Australia. 

Who can become a Scanlaw-vip legal professional and how do they get referrals?

Only legal professionals with verified legal experience can qualify. When they join our scanlaw-vip network they get a unique cloud login which allows us to instantly refer matters from advice seekers into their secure vault.

How does Scanlaw bring documents to life?

We use our Scanlaw software to assist in transforming your document and its advice into a visually appealing and easy way to view your document in a user-friendly format for easy downloading and viewing.

Who can I contact to ask questions?

We’re an online service provider so you can submit any questions to hello@scanlaw.net and we will try to respond within 24 hours.


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