Enjoy the many benefits of automation with scanlaw-vip


Automated document review
Using your organisations login, members can upload documents into the secure vault and our software will perform an automated review with advice input directly into your document, reducing time, costs and stress.
Instant answers to your questions
When we receive your request for advice we’ll allocate it to a scanlaw-vip legal professional with the required expertise through a cloud-based system. You’ll have your own login details and direct lawyer access.
Automated presentations
Upload your document or request into the secure vault and we will create animated videos for your viewing, internal use to train staff, or for presentations to third parties.
Affordable & Accessible
Through automation, you can keep costs low, saving your organisation time, costs and stress. Our scanlaw-vip option gives you access to all of our products and services through an affordable subscription method.
No new system integration
No need to go through the hassle of integrating a new system. You'll get access to all of our services via your unique login and can enjoy an on-going subscription with scanlaw-vip.
Automated calendar
We can send out automated calendar invitations to keep you and your calendar up-to-date.


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